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Senior Preseason

Archie Basil is helping our team to get ready for the 2016 season and posted these words of wisdom:

The AFL game while having an aerobic component to it, is predominately made up of short bursts of high intensity efforts.

It is also a running game which is why a high intensity running program is key to improving the type of conditioning required for an AFL athlete to play the game to the highest possible standard.

One aspect of my running conditioning program which I did at tonight's session with the Oak Park Football Club Players is to focus on improving their lactate ability.

WHY! Simply to improve the athletes anaerobic capacity and tolerance to lactic acid build up.

RELEVANCE TO A GAME SITUATION: AFL athletes are required to repeat specific high intensity efforts under fatigue throughout a game. The higher the athletes anaerobic capacity and lactate threshold is, the ability to repeat high intensity efforts increases. Think of things such as repeatedly chasing your opponent with the ball, attaining a high tackling count and the ability to apply continuous pressure to your opposition. All these specific demands require repeat bursts of high intensity efforts and must be specifically trained for.